What are Building Groups?
  • 10 Aug 2022
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What are Building Groups?

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Building Groups is a way of grouping your Buildings.  For example, Building Groups can be used to organize Buildings by type, location, or any other classification that best suits your needs.  They are a way of creating new filters for your data.

It is possible for a Building to belong to multiple Building Groups.

Building Groups can be helpful for organizing your Asset Service history reports based on a specific set of Buildings. For example, you could create a Building Groups that splits up your residential and commercial buildings. Or, you can create a Building Groups based on the district/zone of your buildings.

This article will teach you about:

  • What is a Building Group Tree
  • Expanding & collapsing the Building Group Tree
  • Selecting and expanding a Building Group Tree
  • What are and Top-Level Group?

What is a Building Group Tree?

Building Group Tree is where you can organize your Buildings into a nested group.

Expanding & Collasping the Building Group Tree

The Organization portfolio Building Group can be accessed from the Buildings page. Click on the navigation pane to expand the Building Group.

Selecting and expanding a Building Group Tree

You can further navigate and expand the sub-groups and view the Buildings that are nested in those groups. 

What are & ?


It is a Building Group that is nested under the main Organization portfolio group.


It is a part of the . Each group can have unlimited  subgroups. And you can go unlimited levels deep when creating subgroups. 

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